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martedì 9 aprile 2013

il giardino delle rose

  La rosa di oggi è questa.

  Mi sembra meravigliosa.

  Speriamo lo sia anche il giorno che accompagnerà.

Imagine Your Life without Fear or Doubt

Today, recognize fear in your life and send it away. Fear is a bully and if you face him down he has no choice but to run. He will run before strength and action.  He will run before faith and perseverance.  He will even run before patience.
Fear loves to hide under various disguises.  Sometimes he is called Tension or Anxiety.  Worry is one of his favorite names.  Shyness is another.  Apathy and Boredom are some very secret names that he has.
If you are not living your life full of action and engagement, embracing life with zest and vigor, then dig a little deeper and see if fear is hiding in the corners of your life, along with his sidekick doubt.  Shine the bright lights of self-Love and faith on them.  And then act.  Do what you fear, over and over, and fear will lose his power over your life.
Imagine, just imagine, what you might do with this precious life of yours if you had no fear and doubt!  Yes, this is the way to live.  And you have it within your power to do so.

Here is a little prayer for today:

Today, I live in the full light of my life. I am full of the light from my higher self, which gives me direction and purpose.  I am full of zest and energy.  I am inspired by life each moment and see the many possibilities which sparkle all around me.
Today, I recognize my own strength and power and have the courage to do things I have never done before.  I am full of belief, both in myself and my abilities and in the help which surrounds me at every turn.
I am courageous, strong and capable and I can do whatever it is I wish to do.
I am power.  I am belief.  I am courage.  I am.
Quado's garden

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